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The only food that makes us truly happy is easily adopted and integrated into our lives. So, for giving a more Homely feel and creating that gut feeling we decided to design the illustration of the founder's family members and create their story of starting out this brand and we placed it into packaging design.

Each of those characters has different characteristics & behavior which helps the brand to communicate with people on Social media in the future.


A brand approached us for a brand strategy, positioning, and all visual identity including logo, packaging, etc. We worked closely with the founders to build an Essence for the brand so that it can scale across various print and digital touchpoints.


People’s behavior towards food is they are eating more, but not necessarily healthy. The tension this creates is healthy for your food carries a negative halo that keeps people from truly enjoying it as food meant to be. insight from this cultural shift is we want to eat healthy but healthy for you food s don’t necessarily make us feel happy.


Healthy Wealthy


D2C - Healthy Snacks


Brand Identity // Logo Design // Packaging Design


Work with the best

in the business

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